Adopt our Semenggoh's Sweethearts today

Individual Adoption

RM 200 (1 Year Duration)

You shall receive :
  • Quarterly updates on news of your adopted orangutan in our wildlife center via our website
  • An orangutan adoption certificate

Corporate Adoption

Starting from RM 10,000 (1 Year Duration)

You shall receive :
  • A Profile of your orangutan
  • An orangutan adoption certificate
  • Media announcement of your adoption
  • Co-branding opportunities in the wildlife center
  • A 10R Framed photo of your adopted orangutan
  • Complimentary participation in Heart2Heart with Orangutan program at Wildlife Centers for 10 pax
  • Complimentary single use of facilities such as the auditorium, meeting rooms and more at Matang and Semenggoh Wildlife Centres

RITCHIE, DOB 1981: The ‘big boss’  at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre was rescued by a journalist by the name of James Ritchie and accordingly he was named after his savior. The alpha male of Semenggoh, rules his territory with an ‘iron fist’, landing himself a reputation as a fierce ruler to other male orangutans

SEDUKU, DOB 1971: Dubbed as the ‘Grand Old Lady’ of Semenggoh, she is now a grandmother and a veteran at human interaction in that case!

ANALISA, DOB 1996: Analisa is the first offspring of Seduku and Bujang Senior. She is the first female orangutan born in Semenggoh

SADDAMIAH, DOB 2002: Saddamiah is the second offspring of Seduku.

ANAKU, DOB 2006: Anaku is the first offspring of Analisa and Seduku’s first grandchild, therefore making him the first of the third generation of orangutans in Semenggoh

GANYA, DOB 2008: Ganya is Seduku’s third offspring. In the past, he is always seen tailing his mother wherever she goes.

RUBY, DOB 2013: She is Saddamiah’s first child and Seduku’s third grandchild. She has become more independent and always seen playing with her playmate Jubilee.
NORA, DOB 1981: Nora joined Semenggoh Wildlife Centre on June 16, 1986. She is the most productive orangutan with 4 male offsprings – Edwin, Murray, Baka and Dr. Kok.

EDWIN, DOB 1996: Edwin was born in 1996 and is the first male offspring of Nora and Bujang Senior. Edwin has started to develop cheek pads; a sign of maturity in male orangutans’ physical development. He is the next contender to Ritchie’s throne

ARNORMA, DOB 1997:  Like his mother, Arnorma rarely returns to the Centre and only presents himself at his own free will. He is indeed “Semenggoh Prince of Wild”.

ROXANNE, DOB 2005: Roxanne is the second offspring of Lela. She used to be a very shy orangutan, often found hiding behind her mother.

KIDDING, DOB 2012: Kidding is Lela’s third offspring and is rarely seen at the Centre. However, Kidding is usually observed to be contented playing by himself, away from his mother.

MINAH, DOB 1988: Minah is athletically built and her lean long body makes her easily noticeable and can be told apart from other female orangutans

MANAP, DOB 2001: Manap is the first offspring of Minah. He is energetic and agile. Similar to other sub-adult males, Manap has a strong interest in the ladies and is always sneaking around behind Ritchie’s back, attempting to court the female residents of Semenggoh.

JUBILEE, DOB 2013:  Jubilee got his name in commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of Sarawak’s independence in Malaysia. Even at his young age, Jubilee is a social butterfly, often observed mingling around with other orangutans.

BAKA, DOB 2005:  Baka was born in 2005. Formerly a mother’s boy who clungs tightly to his mother, Baka is now one of the centre’s most notorious playboy, constantly seen chasing the female residents.

LELA, DOB 1982:  Lela always keeps to herself, prefers to show herself at her chosen time, does not keep regular schedule and remains elusive.